We create personalized and sustainable innovative projects combining technology with craftsmanship.

What we do

Design Consulting
Strategic design
Sustainable design
Project management
Research and development
Robotics integration
Integration of interactive and lighting installations

Each project is a unique experience


Our strength is the custom design.
Under the direction of Juan Pablo Quintero, we extract the full potential of each project to take it as far as possible.
Juan Pablo is personally dedicated to each project, and thanks to his constant search for excellence, we are a reference studio both nationally and internationally.

Passionate about solving problems

Own fabrication

We are experts in finding solutions to complex design problems.
Our experience in innovative design strategies; the control of CADCAM tools and our ability to combine them with artisanal procedures, allows us to create disruptive and unique proposals.
Our manufacturing experience allows us to:
Prioritize excellence and quality
Simplify production
Reduce costs
Optimize the available resources to the maximum to reduce times
Commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

Our team’s 18 years of expertise, takes made-to-order projects from concept to deliver

Creating made-to-measure systems

Project management

We develops systems and constructive processes tailored to each project and at any scale: from the prototype of a product or furniture to an urban three-dimensional installation.
We have established a support network composed of local industrial specialists in their area, such as metalworkers, carpenters, 3D modeling companies and industrial machining, among others, with whom they work closely and always under their supervision.

Bring materials to life

Mastery of materials

We are passionate about the material world. We are constantly searching for new materials and experimenting with them to push them to their physical limits.
We are not satisfied with conventional uses. We transgress the boundaries of the known to show how far a material is capable of reaching.
We are inspired to propose to our clients materials and finishes that match their expectations.
We only use certified materials and in the case of wood, only those from controlled forests.
Our commitment is for the environment. We invest much of the design in making the most of available resources and reducing its environmental impact.

Thinking modularly

Logistics for assembly

We provides all the facilities so that the project finishes successfully.
Many of our projects are conceived by pieces or modularly so that they can be sent to any part of the world.
Logistics includes assembly, assembly plans, technical advice and care instructions.
Packing and transportation services on demand are also available.

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