Wooden Beach Rackets


The Wooden Beach Rackets are designed looking for a balance between size, weight and ergonomics. Its original shape arises from our own experience of use. It is lightened with a series of holes that make implicit the impact of the ball on the surface.

We have chosen wood for its beauty, sustainability and great resistance to the elements.


On Venezuelan beaches, playing beach racket is a very popular activity. The beaches are an immense playground, both in the water and in the sand, it is not only the place to lie in the sun.

Juan Pablo is a great fan of beach tennis and as soon as he arrived in Barcelona, ​​he made his first set of rackets. After the first model, After the first model, they came about 4 or 5 more models. He also made some personalized set to give to friends.

Just for the pleasure of enjoying the game, for several years he was making modifications to the first designs and looking for more resistant materials.

The year 2020, which we will all remember as the year of quarantine, taught us to appreciate clean air and activities in open spaces.

Suddenly, offering some beach rackets to activate optimism seemed like a great idea. In the summer of that same year, we produced the first series and launched it for sale. The response was very positive and we achieved the effect we wanted on people.



– It is made of 100% birch plywood from FSC certified Finnish forests.

– It is covered with highly resistant surface that complies with all quality certificates.

– It is an ecological material that does not give off odors and with low formaldehyde emission according to European regulations.


The kit includes two rackets and two balls.
The black ball is for a slower game, with control, fun and safety. We recommend it for beginners.
The yellow ball for a fast and technical game from about eight meters away, with strong horizontal blows below shoulder height. It requires more reflexes and control. Recommended for advanced players.


MEASUREMENTS:  46 cm x 22 cm

WEIGHT: 320 gr


– Made with birch wood from sustainable cultivation with treatment for exteriors.

– Non-slip grip from HEAD

– 100% ecological cotton rope.


White Sky 

Grey Beach 


Design: Juan Pablo Quintero

Manufacture: Medio Design

Year: 2020

Photo:  María Teresa León

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