Sushisen Restaurant cubicles


Sushisen is a creative and contemporary japanese restaurant based in Rome, Italy. From 2013, the owners has been renovating the interior design to remark this contemporary but traditional approach of its cuisine.

The renovation was developed by the Japanese Barcelona based studio Kobfuji Architects.

Our studio was in charge of the design consulting, technical development, and manufacturing of different interior and furniture elements, such as: dividing cubicles of the dinning area and bathroom, a wall panelling and lighting.

For this installation, we proposed to emphasize the curved lines working the angled chamfers to show the expressive lines of the birch plywood.

These elements are made in sandwich board composed of birch plywood and Formica laminate, following the careful and elegant design of the Japanese studio.

We manufacture and pre-assemble the different panels, which were packed in a box, together with all the necessary hardware and assembly elements. The panels were sent to Rome, where local workers under the command of a trusted carpenter of the architects, made the final assembly.

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Client: Sushisen Restaurant, Rome→

Project: Kobfuji Architects→

Design consulting, technical development & fabrication: Medio Design

Year: 2017

Photo: Kobfuji Architects.

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