Hi Point Module prototype


Hi Point is a facility that hosts a technological device to receive information on the health of the skin.

Hi Point is an innovative project by Mallorcan startup Hi Services and the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC of the Balearic Islands. It consists in a software for the diagnosis of skin phototype. The module incorporates a large touch screen to receive personalized information according to the user’s skin type.

Their concept of prevention against solar radiation is unique in the world.  It’s a project on a national scale with international projection.

We received the commission to design the system and the constructive solution of the Hi Point, from the architectonic concept of Nora Studio. The proposal of the architects is a modular scheme of light air composed of shaded areas to protect from the sun and a central intermediate space under a lattice.

The constructive solution proposed consists of panels with perimetral grooves in which joint elements are inserted to create the modules. These connecting elements are cross-shaped to facilitate lacing in several directions.

All the assembly is done dry with wooden dowels and without the help of screws. The treated wood was the material chosen to be integrated in the most discreet way possible to natural environments such as beaches, parks, etc…

The module includes a signaling tower for the state of solar radiation, composed of elements that move electronically, according to the solar parameters of the time of day. The tower indicates by colors, ranging from yellow to violet, the intensity of UV rays. In this way, users are informed of the prevention measures they must take.

We carry out the system design and the technical consultancy of the complete project, from the structural solution to the sealing details.

The functional prototype was exhibited at FITUR 2018, International Tourism Fair, Madrid.


Client / Design: Hi Services →

Architecture concept: Nora Arquitectura →

System design, technical development and fabrication:  Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design.

Development of mechanics and control electronics: EBALAB.

Year: 2017-2018

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