Appareil offices


Appareil Architects commissioned us the design and fabrication of the kitchen and bathroom for their new installations and co-working space on the industrial district of Poblenou in Barcelona.

The project idea, like the rest of the place, was to enclosure the space on a simple container to kept a visual free space. On that way, the service area would be hidden during the daily activities.

The facing language puts the accent on the vertical lines through double articular pillars that are expressly separated from the walls creating fine shadows. The corners, like pivots that joins the broken line that forms the volume, have been emphasized emptying them in a detail who evokes the master Van der Rohe.

The facing modulation was studied to obey the program content and to make the most of the material without waste. The manufacture was made entirely in our workshop, just downstairs in the same building, using both traditional and digital tools, taking into criteria optimization of machining processes, as usual in our projects.

The whole structure was made of plywood birch board, which is visible on the pillars and inside the kitchen. The finish consists of a semi-transparent white patina and black patina inside the bathroom, to expose the expressive grain of natural wood.


Client: Appareil Architects→

Design and fabrication: Juan Pablo Quintero – Medio Design

Collaborators: A. Rondón, M. Acha, C. Crosson

Year: 2015

Photo credits:  José Hevia, Edouard Cabay, María Teresa León

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