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Juan Pablo Quintero

Juan Pablo Quintero

Founder. Director. Inventor. Non stop worker. Visionary

He studied design and engineering before deciding on studied architecture, graduating with honors from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1991.

His curiosity and inventor character led him to found in 2002 with the architect Maria Teresa Leon, MedioDesign Studio, specializing in consulting and realization of objects, furniture and specials.

Quintero made ​​his creations from the extensive knowledge of construction techniques and materials leading them to the limit of their capabilities. His designs have a touch of surprise, an unexpected and unpredictable air. His designs are classic and timeless.

María Teresa León

María Teresa León

Co-founder. Project Manager. Ideas promoter

Maria Teresa was trained as an architect in Caracas, and from the beginning was interested in history, architectural restoration, and fusion between tradition and modernity. He specialized in Madrid, Grenoble and Barcelona.

He was preparing to work in the rescue of a village of Venezuela declared World Heritage Site, when his life took a radical turn to establish residence in Barcelona. He joined Mediodesign project along with Juan Pablo Quintero in 2002, with whom he founded the company in his own house. Both shared the vision of creating an innovative technology-based company with roots in tradition, respect for the environment and optimization of resources as key to a sustainable business.


Our team is formed by professionals from various disciplines such as architecture, design and art. The profile of our collaborators is an active, enthusiastic and versatile person, ready to join any situation, both in the workshop and on the worktable. No day is the same in the studio, luckily …

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