Canal + Liga de Campeones sculptures

About the Project

Series of idents and bumpers created by Physalia with Lore&Jun for the new Canal+ Liga de Campeones TV Channel. Each of the idents portrays a crucial soccer moment by a real modular sculpture created for each scene. Each sculpture and scene was shot with the Motion Control System developed by Physalia, in order to capture its importance, as if stuck in time, or seen in slow motion.

The sculptures were composed into multiple layers of blue acrylic. The assembly was performed manually by inserting thin steel bars in the thousands of holes milled for this purpose. The steel bars protruding from the sculptures reflect the movement of the figures.



Production: 8 de Agosto →

Direction: Physalia→ + Lore&Jun→

DoP: Marc Ambrós

Development and production of sculptures: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio

Collaborators: Federico Pojan, Andy García

RhinoNest strategy collaborator: Affonso Orciuoli→

Year: 2012

Canal + Idents on Physalia Vimeo channel→

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