Yeosu Spanish Pavilion Lamps Prototype

About the Project

In 2012, we collaborated with External Reference Architects in the production of a prototype for the  installation Deep Ocean for Yousu Expo 2012, Korea. The aim of the installation of External Reference was to recreate the deep seabed through a luminous spatial experience achieved by the integration of sounds, images, colors and movement. To this end, they devised a system of 8000 glass collectors lighted with four-color RGB LEDs to contain samples taken from the ocean more than 5000 m deep.

The prototype consisted of the technical development of the glass collector system and its integration with LED RGB lighting. Final production took place at Korea, based on the prototype.



Exhibit Design and Installations: External Reference→

Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zapulla

Art Director: Chu Uroz

Development and production of prototype: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio

Collaborators: Freddy Oropeza, Federico Pojan.

Year: 2012

Yeusu Installation on External Reference Vimeo→ 

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