Parametric Dome. USB


Topic: Creating a Light Parametric Structure: PARAMETRIC DOME

Briefing: Workshop for digital design and fabrication of an ephemeral pavilion with the use of parametric tools (Grasshopper) for interactive simulation and design optimization. We will work with the “form finding” design method that uses “self-organization” and the ability of materials to find the most optimal structural form.

Through lectures and tutorials, will advance the concept of off-hook and then inverted structures. This method can be used to manipulate spatial structures surfaces generating and maintaining the stability criteria.

The workshop will introduce participants to the fundamental concepts of parametric design, using the modeling program Rhinoceros and its plug-ins as Grasshopper, Kangaroo and RhinoCAM. Emphasis will be placed on creating lists and data manipulation for creating parametric systems that define the funicular structures.

Students will be introduced to perform simulations in Kangaroo for optimal shapes and stable structures for manufacturing at 1: 1 scale, using a CNC cutting machine.

As an additional exercise, students will print scale models of quick exercises in 3D printers.

Tutor information

Direction: Juan Pablo Quintero. Architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela in 1991. Granted by high academic achievement, attends the Master in History and Criticism of Architecture at the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, UPC. PhD student in the Department of Architectural Composition. Founder and CEO of Mediodesign since 2001. Since then, combines his professional activity in the areas of industrial design and architecture with teaching. Visiting Professor at the most prestigious design schools in Barcelona, as Elisava, IED Istituto Europeo di Design, School of Design BAU, University of Barcelona UB and the Polytechnic of Catalonia UPC, among others. He is director of a permanent program of workshops in Design and Digital Manufacturing since 2008 at its facilities in Mediodesign, attended by international students.

Grasshopper/Kangaroo Tutor: Pablo Baquero. Holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University. He studied American Architecture at Cooper Union and Performing Arts at New York University, Bachelor of Architecture U.P.C. Bogota, and currently is a Ph.D. candidate in Esarq, Barcelona. He has been co-teaching at Pratt Institute with Peter Macapia and Parsons University with Andrew Macnair. Baquero has been invited to participate in final reviews as critic at GSAPP, Columbia University, Pratt Institute and Parsons University. He has worked with Frank Repas Architecture in Advanced Modeling and Emerging Systems Research. Currently, he participates in international competitions, and in teaching advanced modeling / parametric software. He has also organized various seminars/workshops related to Computation, Biology, and Digital Fabrication. Also co-teaches Digital Fabrication and is invited to participate in final reviews at Elisava, ESARQ and IED in Barcelona. Furthermore, he is involved in different research projects with Karl Chu and Alberto Estevez.

Academic coordination: María Teresa León. Architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela in 1991. Scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Culture, he studied Architectural Restoration in Madrid, 1992. Master in Sustainable Building with Earth at L’Ecole d’Architecture de Grenoble France in 1995. Co-founder of Mediodesign in 2001. Currently he is general producer, sales manager and coordinator of academic programs of the studio.

USB Tutors

Rafael Madrid. Architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela in 2000. Founder of the architectural and design studio Arquitres based in Caracas. Since 1999 is dedicated to the management of architectural and civil works. He has over eight years as a teacher after passing through the most renowned universities in the capital (UCV, Universidad José María Vargas) and currently is professor of projects in the Department of Design, Architecture and Arts at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas.

Alejandro Vega. Graduated in architecture from the Central University of Venezuela in 2004, Master in Advanced Architecture, Territories and Emerging Digital Manufacturing and FSS in the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia IAAC, Barcelona, in 2009 . He has worked as an architect and project manager in various architectural firms. Guest speaker at the Triennial of Latinoamerican Architecture Research in 2011. He has organized and conducted workshops in digital manufacturing in Central University of Venezuela. He currently teaches in the Department of Design, Architecture and Arts at the Universidad Simon Bolivar University in Caracas.

School: Simón Bolívar University USB. Department of Design, Architecture and Arts.→

Direction: Juan Pablo Quintero

Visiting tutor: Pablo Baquero

USB Tutors: Prof. Rafael Madrid, Alejandro Vega

Date: July 2014

Hours: 30 h

Place: Mediodesign

Video on Vimeo→

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