L Modular Shelving System


One single piece system. No screws. No tools. Intuitive. Functional. Efficiently produced. Many possible configurations.

L Shelving System is a modular bookcase based in a single piece. Just like fish scales, these shelf modules create a surface by laying over one another. The books lean naturally by the slight inclination of the modules. The playful and unexpected layering effect creates a slightly sloping surface so books naturally lean to one side. This modular system has infinite storage capacity and set up possibilities that are dependant only on the module quantities used. 


Plywood birch

High Pressure Laminate HPL Formica®

Bio oil-wax finish


White, Blue jade, Paprika red


Introduced at IMM Cologne International Furniture Fair 2011.

“Blickfang Selected” Exhibition. Blickfang International Design Fair. Stuttgart-Vienna 2012


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Design: Juan Pablo Quintero

Manufacture: Mediodesign

Year: 2010

Photo: Lucía Carretero, Majo Franco

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