AA Visiting School Barcelona Workshop


Topic: BODEGA Enological Metabolism


Bodega – Enological Metabolism centres its research on the associations that exist between wine and architecture in order to identify the influences they have on one another.

The workshop will run as two simultaneous experiments: an exploration of the senses, using wine as a raw material, which occurs as 1:1 installations to empirically test and provoke unusual sensorial effects on the body; the other, initiated from a methodological understanding of the winery as a machine, will dissect techniques and technologies involved in enological processes, leading to the speculative design of alternative winery models. Using digitally advanced techniques, the latter explorations will take the form of large-scale maps, models and prototypes.

Medio Design Studio takes part of the Special Collaborations of the 2015 workshop.


Tutor information

Edouard Cabay
Director / Tutor
Edouard Cabay is a registered architect at the Catalan College of Architects in Spain and is graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.
After gaining professional experience in Foreign Office Architects in London and Anorak in Brussels he worked as head office for Cloud 9. In 2011, he founded Appareil in Barcelona; architectural office developing projects both in Spain and abroad.
In parallel to practice, he teaches in the Diploma School at the Architectural Association in London as a Unit Master and in the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona as Faculty of Fabrication and as Visiting Professor at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. He has been lecturing and attending juries in various universities in Europe.

Carles Sala
Director / Tutor
Carles Sala is a registered architect at the Catalan College of Architects in Spain and is graduated with Honours from the ETSAB in Barcelona. After receiving La Caixa’11 Scholarship, he became an MArch by the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.
In 2008, he founded SALA FERUSIC Architects in Barcelona; an international architectural studio which pursues multidisciplinary work at all levels.
He designed several wineries such as Mas Rodó or Lagravera, which have been widely acknowledged and published. His work has been shown at MIT, ‘X Bienal Española de Arquitectura’, ‘Círculo de Bellas Artes’, COAC, FAD or ‘Centre de Cultura Contemporània Barcelona’.
Parallelly, he has lectured at ETSAM-UPM Madrid, ETSAG-UAH Alacalá de Henares or LA SALLE-URLL Barcelona, as well as taken part in several juries.

Relja Ferusic
Coordinator / Tutor
Relja Ferusic is a registered architect at COAC, AABiH and REG Switzerland, and graduated with Honours by the ETSAB, where he later became an MSc on Urban Space and Digital Networks in Mass Society. After working as Head of Office at Domingo-Ferré Architects in Barcelona, he founded SALA FERUSIC Architects studio in Barcelona, an international architectural studio which pursues multidisciplinary work at all levels. Several of his projects have been awarded and acknowledged by architectural institutions such as COAC or AABiH, as well as, widely published and exhibited.
He has been teaching Architectural Design at D-Arch, ETH Zurich, and ESARQ-UIC Barcelona. He led a Unit at Vertical Studio at WSA Cardiff, and he is today Coordinator and Tutor at the AA Visiting School Barcelona. Besides, he has lectured at several universities and institutions such as ETSAB, ESARQ, ETH, COAC or AABiH, as well as he has been invited to juries at IAAC, ESARQ or ETH and has been a member of the IT Commission at ETSAB-UPC.

Héctor Mendoza
Hector Mendoza is currently teaching and researching the Architectural Design, Representation and Visual Analysis Department. He completed his Masters in Architecture and Urbanism at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London in 2000 (AA-DRL) and obtained his Ph.D. in Architectural Design “cum laude” at the UPC in 2005 in Barcelona. He worked for Massimiliano Fuksas in Rome and Josep Lluis Mateo in Barcelona, prior to forming his own practice MX_SI architectural studio, in 2005 with partners Mara Partida and Boris Bezan. MX_SI architectural studio is an international recognized design firm, which has won several large open international
design competitions, like Federico García Lorca Center in Granada, Europan 8 in Göteborg, or the Serlachius Museum Gosta Extension in Finland with the largest number of entries in Finish competitions (579 entries) in 2011. MX_SI’s work has also been recognized by the architecture chamber in Spain(CSCAE) with the Spanish international Architecture prize 2013, or the Plezcnik prize by the slovenian architecture chamber (DAL) 2015.

Stephen Foley
Software Assistant
Stephen graduated as an architect from Dublin Institute of Technology and has studied at the AA and ETSAM where he is completing a Masters in Advanced Architecture and is currently researching strategies for Incomplete Residential Structures. He has worked as an associate at Mangera Yvars Architects in Barcelona in London developing the Faculty for Islamic Studies in Qatar with Arup’s Advanced Geometry Unit and the Avondale Park Pavilion which will both be completed this year amongst other award winning Islamic and cultural projects in London and the Middle East. He taught first year design studio at ETSAM and has also been invited critic in IAAC Barcelona and the Bartlett, UCL, regularly giving tutorials and private consultancy on Grasshopper and Parametric Design in Barcelona and Madrid

Juan Pablo Quintero
Digital Fabrication Assistant
Juan Pablo Quintero is a Spanish- Venezuelan designer, based in Barcelona, Spain. He defines himself as “furniture architect” for his constructive vision of design. He is one of the most outstanding and atypical figure in the panorama of international contemporary design pioneered the use of emerging digital manufacturing processes. Quintero currently heads Mediodesign, together with his partner and co -founder Maria Teresa Leon from 2002. Since then, combines his professional activity in the areas of industrial design, architecture and art with teaching.

Schools: Architectural Association Visiting School Barcelona, Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona – UPC BarcelonaTECH

Direction / Tutor: Edouard Cabay

Tutors: Carles Sala, Relja Ferusic, Hector Mendoza,

Software Assistant: Stephen Foley

Digital Fabrication Assistant: Juan Pablo Quintero

Special Collaboration: Medio Design

Date: July 2015

Place: UPC, Medio Design

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