Xemei Stool


Xemei Stool is a distinct figure, a chair above the ordinary.

Each stool is crafted by hand so each piece is unique. The concept of the sculptural Xemei Stool emerges from the combination of sensual curves opposed to straight lines and angles of the structure. The frame consists of four L-shaped legs facing oppossed directions looking for stability. The use of the acrylic stone for the seat and back allows for a high ergonomics.

The stool was designed for the cocktail bar of the Venetian Restaurant “Xemei”, based in Barcelona, that means “twins” in Venetian dialect.


Finnish Plywood birch, HPL Laminate Formica®, Solid Surface, inox fittings, bio oil-wax


White, Black


Design: Juan Pablo Quintero

Production: Medio Design

Photo: Xavier Gonzalez→


Shortlisted ARTFAD Awards 2013

“The Best Design of the Year” Exhibition. Design Museum of Barcelona DHUB 2013- 2014

“Sintesi” Exhibition. FAD Fostering Arts and Design. Barcelona  2013

“Artistic Communities of Poblenou” Exhibition. Can Felipa Cultural Center. Barcelona 2013

“Blickfang Selected” Exhibition. Blickfang International Design Fair. Stuttgart-Vienna 2012


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