A marketing enthusiast, a botany lover and an expert logistics engineer come together to share their concern about the quality of the air they breathe in their city of residence: Madrid.

They detect that, while campaigns have been conducted to improve air pollution on exteriors, its being proved that indoor air conditions are up to 5 times higher that involve different types of pollutants and we spend almost the entire day on these environments.

This is how Verdeobiotech® was born, as a need to purify the air we breathe at home, in the office and in our daily spaces. The company creates intelligent vegetable modules that generate clean air, and transfer the benefits of plants to people.

Verdeobiotech® is a patented system of high-density foliage (40% higher than an equivalent garden wall) of specific plants with top unfolding capabilities of volatile organic compounds (VOCs: most aggressive indoor air polluters) on breathable baskets, specific substratum recipe with components such diatomaceous earth, basaltic earth, carbon and mineral rock wool.

The system includes a LED lighting system that reproduce natural light conditions, and a semi-automated irrigation systems that do not require water connection. All the above in hand with a bot and API function that collect, transfer and analyses air quality conditions 24/7 of the spaces being served.

To carry out its project, the start-up has woven a network of expert collaborators in the areas of biotechnology, agronomy, architecture and design, among others.

We are proud to be part of the team. Our participation has focused on the design and development consultancy of these “intelligent plant lungs”.

The modules are designed with an aesthetic of pure and natural lines, where lightness and neutral tones stand out to convey a wellness experience. A compact almost solid form is chosen to achieve maximum functional and energetic efficiency, while enabling a versatile adaption at offices and other indoor spaces.

They are made of certified sustainable wood. The optimization of the material is one of the main premises, as well as the adaptation to the pre-existing interior metal structure. We have designed the modules so that assembly is done easily with the help of few tools.

All these aspects have allowed an optimization of production costs that have a favorable impact on Verdeo’s sales strategy.


Client /Design concept: VerdeoBiotech→ Miguel Yanez, Carolina Pan-Dávila, Christian Andrés.

Design consulting, technical development and production: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design

Photo credits: Rou Diaz | @Roudiazdesign

Year: 2019-20

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