Stop & Go

About the Project

Stop and Go is a hotel proposal based on the serial repetition of modular elements made industrially. The concept, created by Francesc Puiggalí, was focused on the model of Low Cost hospitality, without sacrificing cutting-edge design and high quality finishes.

The Stop and Go system was conceived as a flexible structural system, in which the room modules operate independently with respect to the exterior, which is in turn the building structure.

For this project we were invited to work as a consulting company in the area of ​​design and manufacturing, as part of a conglomerate of prestigious companies such as BOMA Engineering, Arcelor Mittal, Gauss Tecnic, Audioscan, Ferres Architect, Anoche lighting , among others.

The prototype was presented at the International Building Fair CONSTRUMAT 2011.


Clients and promotors: Francesc Puiggalí, Xavier Robert.

Interior design, development and prototype production: Juan Pablo QuinteroMedio

Collaborators: María Teresa León, Oriol Carrasco, Juan Pablo Rodríguez

Group of collaborating companies of the project:

Architectural concept: Laab – Cristina Fernandez; FERRES Arquitectos→; A x E Arquitectura Sostenible

Engineering: BOMA, GRUPO JG→AUDIOSCAN Acoustic Engineering→

Ligthning: ANOCHE→ 


Special thanks to:

JORDI SAGRISTA Foams and Poliurethanes→

Year: 2011

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