Spinal table


Spinal Table is part of the exclusive pieces of the Casa Sayrach collection in Barcelona, ​​designed by External Reference architecture studio.

The table is inspired by the marine world, and specifically the skeleton of a whale. The structure is composed of 6 vertebrae, whose morphology was designed through the use of parametric tools. The vertebrae gently fit into each other forming the skeleton. A transverse spine-like element joins the entire assembly.

Carmelo Zapulla, director of External Reference Architects, entrusted us with the complete constructive development of the table, from the main elements to the details.

We proposed to manufacture the table in solid wood of Tulipier, from glued and machined planks in a 5-axis milling machine. For the machining, one by one, we had to develop special tools so that the machinery arm did not hit the piece of wood during the complex carving task.

We had a great challenge: to achieve table stability taking into account that the vertebrae were cantilevered and their small section. To do this, we internally reinforce both the vertebrae and the spine with iron bars and place a series of mechanical fasteners along this central wooden axis. The iron bars of the central spine were post-tensioned to achieve optimum stability.

The final finish was worked entirely by hand. We seek to give an aspect of soft satin shine and highlight the natural grain of the wood.

The table is completed with 3 pieces of tempered glass that rest on the wooden skeleton and let you appreciate the fine craft work of the table.


Meet also the Milky table, part of the Sayrach collection.

Milky Table →


Design: External Reference Arch. → with Chu Uroz.

Client: Pastoret

Location: Casa Sayrach, Barcelona.

Design Consulting, technical development & fabrication: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design

Special collaboration in CNC milling: Sumeplast→ 

Year: 2018

Photo: Carlos Rondon→ Medio Design

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