Milky Table


Meeting table for new and exclusive offices located in the imposing Casa Sayrach, Av. Diagonal, Barcelona. Casa Sayrach is a late modernist building considered the last relevant building of this style.

The design of the table is signed by the architecture firm External Reference, who has once again entrusted us with the technical development and manufacturing of this outstanding masterpiece.

It is a circular table whose wide diameter (2.50m) allowed the inclusion of an artistic element in the central area. This element responds to a kind of dune landscape that aims to generate a compositional accent on the surface of the table. This piece was made by emptying liquid Solid Surface in a mold specially made for that purpose. Later the piece was milled in 3D to refine its finish and polished by hand. This casting technique of Solid Surface is unprecedented in furniture. Normally it is used for the elaboration of sanitary pieces like bathtubs, sinks, etc …

Regarding materials, we looked for a homogenous and forceful image, for which we worked with Corian® Solid Surface, for its satiny and noble aspect, similar to that of a polished stone or even marble.

The foot of the table was made in 3D carved wood finished in translucent white lacquer, like a patina, revealing the veins and the warmth of the wood.


Design: External Reference Arch. → with Chu Uroz.

Client: Lactics Pastoret

Location: Casa Sayrach, Barcelona.

Design Consulting, technical development & fabrication: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design

Special collaboration in Solid Surface casting: Solits→, Sumeplast→ 

Year: 2018

Photo: Medio Design

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