Kitchen shelf


The Godel Tábora family completed the works of their new residence in the Vallcarca neighborhood in Barcelona just over 1 year ago. It has been a work designed by the owners themselves, architect and visual artist, in which they have put special care and dedication to reflect in each detail their most personal and intimate desires.

We have received with great pleasure the commission to design and build this shelf for their kitchen, because we know first hand that each object of this house has a particular meaning for them.

It was not an easy task to conceive an intervention in an open and integrated kitchen in the living-dining room, which required that the piece had a high aesthetic value, that was incorporated harmoniously to the rest of the work and that it followed the criteria of functionality required by the customers.

The proposal consisted in the creation of a continuous shelf in the form of cantilevered beam, hanging on the wall with L-shaped stainless steel pieces, which in addition to reinforcing the structure, serves as a hanger and facilitates the assembly. The shelf is modular and contains removable elements for maintenance.

We create some slots curved to fit the dishes and a hidden system to drain the wine glasses. The rest of the shelf functions as a storage surface for kitchen utensils.

Bamboo was the material chosen for its resistance to moisture, its good structural behavior and its great beauty. We take advantage of the internal framework of the bamboo board to play with the vertical and horizontal lines of the edges. For finishing, we use bio-oil of vegetable origin that protects from moisture and provides a satiny shine.


Client: Godel Tabora Design

Design: Juan Pablo Quintero

Technical development & fabrication: Medio Design

Year: 2018

Photo: Carla Tabora, Medio Design (production)

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