Casa SEAT Mural

About the project

Casa SEAT opens to the city where it was born 70 years ago. The space located in Paseo de Gracia, in a neuralgic point of the city, is proposed as a “brand experience center” for projects inspired by the effervescent mobility and urban culture of Barcelona.

The interior design project is designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán’s studio. It was conceived as a dynamic, open, modern and creative space like the city itself.

The coexistence of singular elements is the protagonist of the space. Huge ceiling fans, transparent escalators, design furniture and artistic murals of various styles are found in perfect harmony.

This is where we participate as a study specialized in the design and manufacture of unique elements. The Rosa-Violán team entrusted us with two murals with a theme related to mechanics and movement, conceived by the interior design firm.

In this case, it is a mural that welcomes you at the elevator area on the first floor.

The mural covers a 3.4m x 2.8m floor-to-ceiling space. It is made of lacquered MDF panels with a clear intention of looking like a continous surface. The vertical joints have been hidden as they pass through the circular shapes of the composition so as not to break with the design.

We have worked on the depth of the engravings to create shadow effects and highlight the volume of the graphic elements.

The surface finish is a lacquer with some texture on the surface to give a natural effect.


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Client/Design: Lázaro Rosa-Violán.→ Contemporain Studio

Design consulting, technic development, production and assembly: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design

Photo: Julio Tavolo→

Year: 2020

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