Bespoke shelf for a private house in Barcelona

About the project

We were commissioned to design a bespoke shelf for the new home of the Bramall-Gauchat family, located very close to Parc Güell in Barcelona.

Our clients wanted a piece of furniture that was flexible and functional enough to store everyday objects and items of different kinds.

We understood the relevance of the furniture when we got to know the space: a living-dining room with an integrated kitchen where all the social activity of the family takes place. The shelf would therefore have a great role.

The furniture separates the hall from the rest of the space, therefore, the idea is that it serves both spaces simultaneously.

We proposed a piece of furniture with multiple storage areas of various sizes with options to hide or make the content visible, if necessary.

To avoid that the dimensions of the shelf visually reduce the space, we seek to lighten the furniture and create voids. The design is made up of 4 horizontal blocks that appear to be simply “supported” on some small supports.

We work the side of the shelf as a useful third facade, not blind.

The material that we proposed to our clients was wood, and more specifically, one of our favorite boards: Finnish birch plywood with a white melamine finish. The reasons are many: sustainable, warm, ecological, resistant to use, apart from aesthetically impeccable.

In the sideboard area, we wanted to remember our Ceibó Sideboard by incorporating transparencies in two colors: red and opal white.

It was very gratifying to see the bookshelf fully integrated into the house when we returned some time later. Everything has a place in it: dishes, plants, kitchen utensils, books, letters, papers, shoes, umbrellas, … and even the child’s toys.


Client: Bramall-Gauchat Family

Design and fabrication: Juan Pablo Quintero | María Teresa León – Medio Design

Photo: Julio Tavolo→

Year: 2021

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