Barça Store Canaletas Lamp


Barça Store Canaletas is the flagship store of the Futbol Club Barcelona and is located in the heart of the Rambla de Barcelona.

Juli Capella’s architecture studio has been in charge of remodeling the historic building.  They have played with the colors of Barça combining iconographic motifs from Noucentisme. The lamp that we have produced for Capella García Arquitectura is located in a special room full of memories of the Club.

The design is based on the silhouette of the club’s shield broken down into spokes to create the volume of the luminaire. We have interpreted the architect’s ideas to bring the development of the project as close as possible to the initial concept.

It is made of ribs of a compact material veneered in lacquered aluminum composite with corporate colors. These pieces fit into an upper ring that contains the electrical system and a lower ring that holds the pieces. LED lighting is located on each rib. In the center of the lamp we have placed a mirrored piece to multiply the brightness effect of the lighting. The lamp is controlled by a remote control and the intensity of the lighting can be adjusted.

The lamp is reminiscent of old pendant lamps in churches, theaters or elegant old hotels. The space certainly deserves it.


Client: Futbol Club Barcelona FCB→

Design concept: Juli Capella Arq. /Capella Garcia Arquitectura→

Design consulting, technical development and production: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design

Photo credits: Rafel Clusa/ Rafael Madrid

Year: 2019

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