Alkimia Restaurant Installation


External Reference Architects commissioned us the technical development and fabrication of special roof installation for the renewal of Alkimia, a Michelin starred restaurant leading by chef Jordi Vilà, at a modernist building dated 1864.

The installation consists of a kind of fishbone deployed on the roof of the restaurant that covers the main axis of circulation and one of the dining rooms, where it descends laterally becoming a separating element between two spaces.

The whole structure is formed by a series of wooden ribs custom-made in birch plywood sandwich, composed by an interior fabric to allow the curvature of the pieces. Each rib has a rear stiffening structure ready for installation in place.

The gray patina finish was done by hand. Its transparency shows the grain of the wood in all its expressiveness.

Numerous tests were performed previously to obtain the desired result. So, each rib is different and manufactured one by one using a technology mix: craftmanship and digital fabrication.


Design: External Reference Architects→ with Chu Uroz

Location: Alkimia Restaurant. Fábrica Moritz

Chef: Jordi Vilà

Technical development and fabrication of the roof installation: Juan Pablo Quintero – Medio Design

Collaborators: R. Madrid, M. Gutmann, A. Lamachi

Year: 2016

Photo credits:  Mediodesign, Carmelo Zapulla


Awards: The designers ( External Reference Architects→ with Chu Uroz) has received the SBID International Design Award 2017 for the Best Restaurant Design.

We are very proud to be part of the team.

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