Agua Restaurant Menu Holder


Agua is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant located on the Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta. Eating at the Agua restaurant is an experience for the senses. It mixes the beautiful sea views, the charcoal paella, the luxurious terrace and the contrasts of its creative cuisine.

Graphic designer David Garriga is the mind behind the new menu layout. His proposal was to create an object to match the gastronomic experience of the place.

We made a series of previous prototypes to find the most important part of this commission: the balance between the restaurant’s logo and the corporate colors on the wood.

For us it was essential to highlight the beauty of wood and not hide it under layers of paint. We use a mixture of oil and natural wax with dyes to achieve the sea blue and reddish brown tones that characterize the menus.

We manufacture 350 units, comprising two measures: one for dishes and the other for drinks.

Each one is unique.


Client: Agua Restaurant→

Design concept: David Garriga BCNStation→

Design consulting, technical development and production: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio Design

Photo credits: María Teresa León

Year: 2020

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