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Working closely with our clients in a collaborative way, we offer unique solutions for each project.

Architecture / Interior

Aldayjover Arq.


Bema Arq.

Castelveciana Arquitectura

Datae Arquitectura

DVA Associats

Daw Office

External Reference Arq.

Girbau Mateu Arquitectes

Hiroshi Tsunoda


Kobfuji Arch.

Lázaro Rosa Violán

Manuel de Solà-Morales arquitecto

Mestres Wage Arch.

Montaner Muxí Arquitectos

Nora Studio

OutOfStock Design


Saeta Estudi

Sandra Tarruella

Szoma Studio

Toyo Ito & Associates Architects


Area Metropolitana de Barcelona

Fundación Conde del Valle de Salazar

Fundación Politécnica de Catalunya

Instituto Municipal de Urbanismo



Costa Group

Editorial Ekaré

Futbol Club Barcelona

Hoteles Rondas

Hi Services

Isak Andic

Layetana inmobiliaria

Marina Press-Grupo Godó



Somos Sinapsis

Udon Barcelona

Unión Suiza

Verdeo Biotech

Yota Devices

Wilde Sunglasses


Antonio Briceño

Elías Crespin – Atelier Crespin París

Darío Sirerol – Experiencias olfativas

Media / Advertising

No Domain Audiovisual Studio

Physalia Studio


Alex Trochut


Castelveciana Arquitectura


Hiroshi Tsunoda

OutOfStock Design




BAU Centro Universitario de Diseño

IAAC Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Catalunya

IED Istituto Europeo di Design

LCI Escuela de Diseño Barcelona

UPC Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya

UCV Universidad Central de Venezuela

USB Universidad Simón Bolívar







Agua- Barceloneta

Tierra – Mercado del Ninot

Tokyo Sushi


Udon Madrid

Sushisen Roma

What they say

Juli Capella.

Juli Capella.

Capella García Arquitectura - capellagarcia.com/

“The usual thing is that when you develop an idea and draw it, the final realization is something worse than imagined. The paper holds everything, but then you have to manufacture it and here often the ideas weaken due to a constructive imperative.

But working with Medio Design it happens the opposite, you present your project to them, and in a friendly, reasoned and meticulous way, they improve it until it materializes in an excellent way, exceeding your expectations. That happens very rarely, but with the lamp in Barça’s Canaletas Store on La Rambla, they managed to improve it.

They are not mere flawless executors, but accomplices in your dreams ”.


Featured project: Barça Store Canaletas Lamp→

André de sa Moreira

André de sa Moreira

HISTOVERY París. Augmented reality for heritage - histovery.com/

I have been working with Medio Design for 10 years, in the field of architecture, furniture, museography, industrial design and art. Thanks to this, I have developed many novel projects, very heteroclite, with always positive results.

Juan Pablo is a dedicated and passionate person, at the same time an architect, craftsman, artist, engineer, with good ideas and solutions to carry out prototypes and multiple jobs. Maria, efficient and reliable, is also adorable.

The people who work with them always contribute something to the projects, in addition to executing them. I hope that our relationship and collaboration, so fruitful and exciting, will continue for a long time ”.


Featured project: Rack for Tablet HistoPad→

Eduard Castellón

Eduard Castellón

Account's manager. SOMOS SINAPSIS - sinapsis.agency/

“For Somos Sinapsis, discovering Medio Design Studio has meant having a partner that enables us to develop new products with excellent quality.

In addition, they are a great team of people who know how to listen and propose solutions. “


Featured project: Tablet Stand→ (pending)

Carmelo Zapulla

Carmelo Zapulla

CEO External Reference Arch. - externalreference.com/

Martí Padrisa

Martí Padrisa

Architect - Espai Barça - Heritage Area Futbol Club Barcelona

“We have carried out different projects with Medio Design and it is a company that I have always in mind when new opportunities arise.

I also recommend it often, because they always innovate and surprise with the quality they are capable of achieving.

The relationship with the client is very good.

They never back down when you propose a new challenge.


Featured projects: PalauBlagrana Model Section→  Espai Barça Model→ (pending)

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