Medio specializes in innovative projects of high quality for demanding clients.


Medio is a place for design, innovation and fabrication for the creative community and construction industry. The studio provides design development and fabrication services for commercial and private interiors.
Our strengths
  • > Control of the design project from the conceptual phase to the manufacturing process
  • > Knowledge and understanding of materials
  • > Experimental character both in the exploration of ideas and in their execution
  • > Experts in solving complex design challenges


Founded in 2002 by Venezuelan architects Juan Pablo Quintero and María Teresa León, from the begining, Medio has focused on design through manufacturing. The workspace is a multifunctional workshop equipped with everything necessary to produce on site.
In the year 2007 Medio made the leap to the incorporation of  *CAD-CAM technology in its creative processes, becoming a pioneer studio in Spain in digital manufacturing in the area of ​​architecture and design.
One of most outstanding project of Medio is the curved 3D paneling for the Torres Fira Hotel restaurant in L’Hospitalet, by Pritzker Architecture Prize Toyo Ito, completed in 2010.
In 2017, they collaborated in the development of the impressive structure of the roof for the Restaurant 1 Michelin star Alkimia in Barcelona, ​​projected by External Reference studio and Chu Uroz, awarded with the Best Restaurant design SBID International Award of that year.
During more than 18 years, Medio has been involved in different projects in a wide range of typologies: from complex three-dimensional installations, works of art and exhibition elements, up to author’s furniture and product limited editions.
* (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Torres Fira Hotel Panelling. Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Design: Toyo Ito

Medio is the first Authorized RhinoFabStudio™ for Europe.

A certified RhinoFabStudio™

Medio is an Authorized Rhinoceros Training Center (ARTC) and a RhinoFabStudio since 2008. Medio is the first studio in Europe to obtain the certification granted by the Rhinoceros software developers Robert McNeel & Associates.
An ARTC is a fabrication laboratory with a workshop equipped with an array of Rhinoceros compatible software and digital fabrication tools. These tools cover the various leading-edge industrial methods needed to design, analyze, and fabricate almost anything.
A RhinoFabStudio™ is a workshop that develops designs and manufacturing processes using the Rhinoceros 3D modeling software and its plug-ins. The workshop can carry out a huge range of industrial processes, from design to production.


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