Xocobrick Desk Organizer


Xocobrick is a desk organizer inspired by black and white chocolate bars. The idea came from our experience in the use of acrylic stone; a solid material with a silky touch and an elegant shine.

Xocobrick is a simple yet strong design piece made by “tooling”, using the path of cutting tools to compose the object.

Each path has its own use and functionality: continuous channels for pencils, narrow slots for cards, a wide cavity for various items, and a special slot for mobile devices.

Xocobrick is an updated version of the model designed in 2008, to which we have added more usable space.

Xocobrick is a handcrafted piece, whose manufacturing process has been carefully controlled from idea to detail by the designers.


Acrylic Stone (Corian®)

Solid wood (Maple)




White , Deep Nocturne

Natural Maple


Design: Juan Pablo Quintero 

Manufacture: Medio

Year: 2015

Photo: Xavier Gonzalez→

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