Own design

Pequeño Teatro de Papel 2.0

About the Project

In this new series of the “Pequeño Teatro de Papel”, commissioned by Ekaré, we have given a touch to the original design, simplifying its forms, seeking to optimize manufacturing and reduce production costs.

The spirit of the “teatrino” is maintained, while the entire manufacturing and assembly process has improved.

El Pequeño Teatro de Papel is a simple and funny way of storytelling in the school, in the library or at home, using a wooden stage and illustrated sheets. It is inspired by a Japanese tradition called Kamishibai, which means “paper drama”.

Ekaré is a publishing house specializing in children’s books, with headquarters in Chile, Venezuela and Spain.

See more about the first edition →


Client: Ekaré Sur →

Design: Juan Pablo Quintero

Digital fabrication and assembly: Mediodesign

Year: first edition 2012; second edition 2013; actual edition 2018

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