Office Tables for Appareil


The offices tables were commissioned by architect Edouard Cabay for his new architectural studio, located upstairs our workshop. Cabay’s general proposal for the studio is the multipurpose use of the typological diaphanous loft of Poble Nou, a post-industrial neighborhood of Barcelona.

The tables are intended to be easily moved from place and joined together to adapt to different situations of use of space: as a conference hall, for architecture workshops, projections, for a scale models workshop, meetings, etc …

From a construction point of view, the tables are made of two external boards of plywood birch with a hidden internal structure which guarantees the flatness of the surface. The supports were solved by standardized metal structures.

A remarkable detail of the tables is the connection system developed at the edges of the tops, which has been performed a special continuous slot to fit a strip of solid maple that bridges the gap between the two tables.

Each table carries a centerpiece with holes embedded, almost invisible, to easily pass cables for computers, multimedia equipment, mobile phones and other devices.

For table tops, the architect has chosen a natural material such as linoleum, closely associated with the sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design.


Client / Design: Edouard Cabay. Appareil→

Design consulting, technical development and production: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio

Year: 2015

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