Musikbox 01

About the project

Musikbox is a conceptual work of synchronized audio and motion created by artist Sergio Roger and architect Fernando Ansorena for the exhibition WEGE UMS KINO (“Tours of Cinema”), Berlin.

The work consists of a sculptural piece of Malaparte’s House (Adalberto Libera Arch.) That moves following a melody.

The system created by Roger and Ansorena is composed by a controller controlled with Arduino ® (an engine that generates motion on its axis) and speakers.

Mediodesign was responsible for design consulting of the project and manufacturing of the house in acrylic stone (Corian® ).


Concept: Sergio Roger and Fernando Ansorena

Consulting and fabrication: Juan Pablo QuinteroMedio

Collaborator: Alejandro Rondón

Programmation: Raúl Nieves Pardo

Sound: Joanra Pla Llagostera

Year: 2013

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