The chef Joan Bosch commissioned us to design the new service of snacks and petit fours for his restaurant 1 star Michelin  called “Can Bosch” located in Cabrils, Tarragona. The problem to solve was to unify the various containers and trays of current service to make it more comfortable, functional and aesthetic. The main features of the appetizers and petit fours were its various forms; for this reason they were served in containers of different shapes and sizes on smooth slate stone trays. The items (cups, plates, etc …) were not stable and the product falls and landslides occurred constantly.

We worked on the idea of a tray in which the containers were set to prevent slipping. We design a grid created with stainless steel spheres embedded in the surface on which the containers are fitted. We developed a set of containers whose form was given by the type of preparation to serve, in which we mechanize spherical holes that fit into the spheres of the tray. The whole concept was a board with chips that move according to the will of the chef, as a “board game”. Hence the name Ludos, referring to “play” in Latin.


Acrylic Stone Corian®

Inox spheres

Laquered finish


Glacier white, Buttercream

Customised color for tray


Applications for two intellectual property patents were submitted for the lacquered surface finish of solid surface, and the whole fixing system. 

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Client: Chef Joan Bosch

Design: Juan Pablo Quintero

Production: Mediodesign

Photo: Carlos Rondón, Mediodesign

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