Dos Anillos structure

About the Project

“Dos Anillos” is a series of artworks in small format developed for Paris based kinetic artist Elias Crespin. Elias entrusted us with the edition of the structure for his work, usually in larger format.

The most prominent element of this commission was to move the electronic system that generates the movement, to the bottom of the piece, to gain visibility of the rings and to enhance its importance within the work. In this way, the illusion that the rings move in space without fastening is highlighted.

“Dos Anillos” is one of the most accomplished recent work of Juan Pablo Quintero leading Mediodesign, for the refinement and exquisite workmanship and solutions proposed.

“Dos Anillos” was presented in the first solo exhibition of Elias Crespin in the Galerie Denise René, Espace Marais, Paris, in October 2014.


Artist: Elías Crespin / Atelier Elias Crespin→

Design Consulting and Edition of the structure: Juan Pablo QuinteroMedio

Year: 2014

Details of the artwork: 

Name: Dos anillos blanco-rojo, 2014
Materials: Dibond, nylon, motors, computer, electronic interface
Size: 20 cm diam / 49,5 x 41 x 40 cm
Edition: serie of 18
Video credits: Atelier Elias Crespin

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