Aine meeting table

About the Project

The meeting table was commissioned by Aine Projects and Works, for the new offices of a recognized insurance company, located in Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona. Aine is specialized in integrated office projects, that handles the entire process covered by the project, from construction or renovation to furniture and signage.

The table is intended to occupy the main hall of the offices. It must be robust, large and solid. From a construction point of view, it consists of three main elements: base, column and board. The three elements were manufactured separately for optimizing production, transport and assembly.

The challenge was to save the overhang of the board without losing flatness and rigidity. To do this, we invested a lot of effort in design and development. We created an inner wing profile structure covered with panels in a sandwich way. The table surface was finished in polished white Corian®. The black centerpiece, also in Corian®, creates a graphic accent on the table. This piece has embedded a hidden point for electrical and data connection for computers, multimedia equipment, mobile phones and other devices.


Client: Ainé Proyectos y Obras→

Design consulting, technical development and production: Juan Pablo Quintero / Medio

Collaborator: Alejandro Rondón

Photo credits: Aine courtesy

Year: 2014


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