Mediodesign is a creative consultancy that combines design, craftmanship, research and technology

Why Medio?

When we wanted to name our studio, we came across the word MEDIO (middle). We realized that we are always in the middle of something, we are mediators between an idea and its realization; between a concept and its development; between a sketch and a concrete proposal. In the middle we feel comfortable.

Our beginings

Our first workshop was accidentally our own house; later, an old abandoned warehouse was our base of operations for nearly a year. For obvious reasons, we moved to a shared place in the industrial neighborhood of Poblenou, favorite zone of artists and creators. We began to grow and, within a short time, we need to expand the workspace and moved again. Now we are established in an industrial loft, until the need to explore new roads will take us to expand horizons.

An experimental spirit

Our experimental spirit enabling us to offer creative and efficient solutions for demanding projects of all sizes.

Our challenge is to design and create high-quality projects and custom-made furniture and objects

Custom-made design

We design and create customised design solutions, collaborating closely with private clients, architects, designers, contractors, cabinetmakers, makers and artists. With focus on quality of product and materials, we ensure a high level tailored service for our clients. We personally control the entire design process, from the first ideas and prototypes, to the final product.

Projects with soul

Increasingly numbers of people are getting tired of mass-produced objects and are looking for genuine and personal things. Mediodesign seeks to create products with soul, near to the people, objects in which to find other people’s hands.

Locally made in Barcelona

All our products and services are proudly designed and manufactured in Barcelona. Historically, it is a center of excellence in design, with a sustainable and solid economic model. The Barcelona dynamisn offers us everything we need to develop innovative projects and creative productions.

(Almost) Everything we do is manufactured on-site

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